10 Signs Your CEO Has an Obsolete Perception for Marketing  


In introducing new tactics in sales and marketing, we all have experience to be denied from our CEO. This is where complication happens when our CEO won’t like to recognize new ways in marketing. After all, most CEOs don’t have that marketing background and if they do, they are likely to be stuck in their own knowledge about marketing.

CEO and marketing

Most of the time, CEOs without experience in digital marketing techniques often so the same. They refer their technology leaders as technical experts. They see marketing as less techy and that is why they are reluctant to grab technology to fullest.

If you are experiencing this, you may have heard and saw these signs which you can relate to:

  1. “Publish more Press Release”

Press release are the thing in the past. It was dedicated to reach huge number of prospects in the 1920s to 1980s and began to decline when the electronic computer progresses in the market.  Press release nowadays can make a little announcement because audience aren’t reading newspapers anymore.

  1. “Make our Blogs impressive”

Your CEO might want to highlight and include all the success from your company in your company blog. They wanted all the flying description about the company. This does not any good, and often repels prospects that hates Self-loathing Company.

  1. “Social Media is a Waste of Time”

Social media are viewed as a vent for time passers. Being in the social media might sound like a waste of time. And your CEO might not get the thought of hanging around for too long in the web.

  1. “That Content will never get any Sales”

Your CEO might think that sales is a linear process when one hit click make sense. But nevertheless they would see that sales can be cyclic wherein customer will likely to buy if they are educated by your information.

  1. “Mail more Sales Letters”

“Lick some stamps and get this mail sent immediately to as many home as we can.”-reluctant CEO probably.  Email marketing is the new face of email. Your postal mail might never get read by the moment it arrives on your prospect’s doorsteps.

Marketing has already changed its way since technology has changed our lifestyles. It shifted from paper posters to electronically advance mail letters. From home-phone into wireless phone and from sign ups to tapping app. This is the new marketing now, even CEOs should grab the opportunity from it.

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