Can Appointment Setting Fix Your Content Problem?

Appointment setting strategies are often favored by businesses that don’t well in making strong first impressions. Or at least, the nature of their products, services, or industry makes it hard for them to attract prospects without putting extra leg work in guiding them to a buying decision.

It might lead you to believe that this sort of process could be the perfect solution to problems with marketing content. After all, your marketing content is really just there to attract calls, inquiries, contact forms, or other meager expressions of prospect interest. Conversion is where it’s at right?

Not exactly.

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The Emotional Essence of B2B Prospecting

Just because there’s a lot of professionalism in the process of engaging B2B prospects doesn’t mean emotions aren’t essential. But sometimes, people can’t balance between cutting out the role of emotions or overdramatizing them beyond what’s necessary.

An effective and more realistic approach would never veer to either extreme.

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B2B Prospecting Without The Sentimentality – Is It A Good Idea?

It’s a growing consensus. Sentimentality and a need to empathize are becoming more critical for a successful marketing experience. To say that it applies even to B2B prospecting is just the beginning.

On the other hand, those who got used to the old way of doing business might find it a wee bit squeamish. After all, business is business right? There’s got to be something wrong with getting all too generous and personal with customers (at least B2B customers).


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When Your B2B Prospects Aren’t Willing to Wait

It’s often a question that vexes everyone during Valentines: Should I get out or wait it out? Some believe in true love going with destiny. Others believe in making destiny happen.

That sounds like B2B prospecting in ways you might not have guessed. For example, can you stay in business long enough to hold off a particular sales appointment until you’re ready? What if those B2B prospects aren’t willing to wait for you?

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