Sesame Street Has a Hidden Lead Nurturing Tactic

If you’ve been watching the latest season of Game of Thrones, there’s a small chance you’ve learned that Sesame Street also created a parody roughly a week prior to the premier. It’s been said that the children’s show has actually been parodying plenty of adult-oriented programs and this tradition is regarded as a killer way to bridge generation gaps between parents and their children.

Believe it or not but those gaps also exist right within your prospect organizations. Plenty of biases against millennials and older generations of office culture create clashes even when reality says they have a lot more in common. Sesame Street parodies could actually present a hidden lead nurturing tactic that your marketers aren’t considering.

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When B2B Prospecting, These 3 Questions Can Dig Up A Customer’s Needs

In any business, you’ll always find this maxim: a customer is always right.

This may not be entirely true but it speaks of something bigger. Your customers are the ones who buy the products and services in your given market. They’re the ones putting money circulation in exchange for fulfilling their own needs. Hence, your entire business naturally depends on how well you address those needs. Few things allow you to understand those needs the way B2B prospecting does.

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