Improving Conversion Rate Tips Part 2

Making it sound easy does not mean it should. Making way to improve one’s conversion for your website is the other way to have ROI as much as possible.

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Improving Conversion Rate Tips Part 1

Is your ROI killing you? In the field where your conversion rate has been very low that is not something new. Improving the revenue takes a lot of efforts and actions. Even man-power in some cases may apply. So, in this situation where you find yourself trap between where to focus on, having CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization can actually lessen the burden of your ROI depletion. Read more

Gaming App: Another channel for marketing?

Ever played an online game before? Yep. The reason I’m asking you because you might come across one of those ads while playing online game app such Clash of Clan or Criminal Case. You may actually find it funny but those game app you’re playing is just one of the million among million being used and sold every day. You may actually notice it that most of the app developers are creating game with the same function goal and most of the time- graphics.

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Mobile Marketing meets FCC’s new Internet Order

The increase of data activities on smartphones in US dramatically  increased from 2010 to 2014 according to comScore report. About 394% increased usage on smartphones and 1721% on tablets. This implies that data link and traffic within mobile has been extremely active than its used to be.  And what about this, B2B marketing and advertising has been contemplated on these particular environment. Marketing source expanded through the use of digital development and found a lot of opportunity in gathering data from customers and prospects.

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FTC’s new guidelines for Social Marketers

A recent guideline released by FTC to put social marketer on notice. This highlights the proper disclosure of product endorsements. While TV, radios and other advertisement is being monitored roughly by FTC, internet on the other hand take its follow up after five years. Internet as we know it can be easily access and anyone on the planet and get their slippery hands on the web.

Whenever we see a product being endorsed by celebrity or influential people, we normally to be focused on who introduced the product rather than what product is being endorsed. Read more