Avoidable Errors in Conversion: Email Marketing

Leveraging the email and automation strategies so to push customers in making their significant move with business’ clients will take place in the phase of conversion. Up-selling a product or involving a first purchase is best for e-commerce, appointment setting for service company and referral system for software company. These techniques are just few of the best practice in the process of conversion; however mishaps in doing

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Lead Nurturing: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Have it asked why B2B marketers are persistent in keeping their positive outlook towards their leads? Have you asked why haven’t they given up yet despite all the disagreement and dispute and hate toward telemarketers? Here’s the answer. They have all the time to turn on you and will take all the chance to turn on you. That means, you can’t remove them out of your hairline. But let’s move on with that. Read more

Targeting precise media to avoid promotional mishaps

In multi-channel marketing, promotional ads are always present. Whether in phone, web or even in your email, you can’t really scratch them off. You often think than marketers are being too rough on their edges. These promotional ads are quite effective but only if they are being used properly. Truthfully saying that almost marketing firms are going crazy in using this pop-up advertisement and extension enabled ads. Read more

Keeping Telemarketing on the right path

Heading towards the end of the tunnel may seem so far yet so close. Say it to your won but B2B marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Telemarketing these days gone from single tunnel to a whole lot different maze and not on that, it reconstructed new ideas to head the end of every maze you can enter into. Read more