5 Quick Ways to Repaint your Website for Lead Generation  

Any company website serves as the digital office of the company in the cyber world. As times gone by, modern website is not just a typical click-through and browse through hyperlink text. More than just reading, the visitor should experience the same accommodation as what can a physical store can offer. So in short, it is not simple as throwing a “click here” button in the home page and watch the leads get in.

Repaint your Website

At the moment, marketers and designers need to take some effective approach to repaint or optimize their website so that their lead generation tactics will actually work. Let us go about how should be effective enough in attracting visitors and converting them with a little effort in your hands.

  1. Know the current state of your website

Where are you now in your website? How are the stats doing? Are you gaining some visitors in a timely basis or just a flux of impressions?

This is the question anyone should be asking after launching their website. Some just wait for responses while other continue to adapt their elements. In this, you have to get an A/B testing. You can test different strategies at the same time and compare which ones are doing good or not.

For example, landing page A has a conversion of 5% with only 500 visitors while landing page B has a conversion of 2% with 1000 visitors. Now although both landing page are doing fine, you have to see the factors why landing page A has more conversion but lesser visitors and landing page B has more visitors but lesser conversions.

After seeing what factors contribute to the result you can now do the next step.

  1. Reconstruct each lead generation process

Learn the conversion path of your visitor. What keywords works best and what links work best with the type of content you are using. This path starts when a visitor visits your site, and ends (hopefully) with them filling out a form and becoming a lead. However, sometimes a visitor’s path doesn’t end with the desired goal. In those cases, you can optimize the conversion path.

In this you can pin point three pieces of lead gen process.

  • The Calls to Action
  • The Landing Page
  • The Appreciation/Thank you page
  1. Get your CTAs personalized

Again, you have to make them feel they are accommodated and part of this is to personalize the CTA or Calls-to-Action.

This can be a bit tricky because you have to program and determine the name of the visitor. But we do in B2B Sales Prospect is that we let them decide to opt in via email that we send or opt in via first visit.

  1. Test results

At the end of every campaign, you should be able to see the results of the A/B tests and the reconstructed lead gen processes.

You can review some improvements and mishaps. Something as simple as testing out the wording of your CTA, the layout of your landing page, or the images you’re using can have a huge impact, like the one friend buy saw.

  1. Nurture leads

After all, you have to sow what you reap. You should now nurture those who has been converted and make them engage constantly.

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