6 Effective Moves in Writing Email Proposals in B2B Marketing  


Email proposals serves as the bold face of any B2B email marketing. It is the highlight that sheds light in connecting many business owners around the world. Writing an email proposals can be tricky but according to research from Michigan University done by Prof. Keplin, College of Business and Science, there is a little secret and definite moves in creating an email proposal to our clients.

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Email proposals should contain specified writing action in order to persuade and distract readers from taking the weak points of a certain company. Technically it should follow a series of psychographic terms that will raise the interest of many business readers.

Thoroughly, it has six move architecture that entails its message.

Move 1: Establishing Credentials

Establish your company name your position in the first paragraph. Make sure to insert the good number or achievement your company has. This will elevate the proposition you have in your company brand.

Move 2: Stating the Reason

Immediately state the reason of your email and see to it that your message is clear and personalized. Stipulating the reasons will make it clear for your receiver what is the purpose of your letter.

Move 3: Offering Service

Offer the service immediately and make it budget friendly. This is where your services is stated and make sure it makes a good impression by the time it will be read.

Move 4: Adding Incentives

Add incentives or special offer or trial. Your offer can be more attractive by making a special discounts during special days.

Move 5: Using Pressure Tactics

Use pressuring tactics like limited time offer or limited slots. This makes the offer more applauding. Make it sound like many clients are buying your limited service and by that they should sign up right away.

Move 6: Closing

Close your email with a friendly tone.

The six move structure is not absolute but the open rates of the email using this moves range from 40-45% according to Comscore.

B2B proposals are the main course of email marketing. Doing good in email sent outs can take your marketing efforts into a whole new level.


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