Avoidable Errors in Conversion: Email Marketing

Leveraging the email and automation strategies so to push customers in making their significant move with business’ clients will take place in the phase of conversion. Up-selling a product or involving a first purchase is best for e-commerce, appointment setting for service company and referral system for software company. These techniques are just few of the best practice in the process of conversion; however mishaps in doing

such still happens. But these mistakes can be avoided if identified early. Here are few of avoidable errors in email marketing conversions.

  • Untested stagnant contact forms and sales page.

Leaving unnoticed and stagnant contact forms is common in piling up candidate for conversion. Many marketers will never thought about changing their contact forms on a weekly basis since the conversions are all too well running correctly. This mishap is avoidable during calibration of email contact forms. In sales page as well, calibrating the content are done quite few times but not as often. Improving stagnant contact forms and sales page don’t require great effort.

  • Absence of second attempt in sales or appointment.

Remember when it’s said that once they say no, they’ll always say no. well, let’s scratch that part. This is conversion that we’re talking about. And speaking if which, we are dealing with qualified leads. Most of initially sent mail request with zero turnout don’t have any follow up or retention tactics done. In conversion, second attempt is the second line of defense in marketing and falling back is the last option taken.

  • Inefficient short campaigns.

Converting minor portion of the total qualified lead is a flank down. Especially converting this leads in a given single channel. Conversion requires consistent yet effective sales campaign to ensure customer’s motivation is guaranteed to be expected. This is not a one night process but rather a goal oriented marathon.



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