B2B Prospecting Should Not Be All About Sales

There could be endless definitions and tactics to your B2B prospecting, but it should never be just about sales. Has it ever occur to you that even though you got these social media accounts to post contents, you have a website with seemingly good land pages and the likes, yet B2B leads haven’t gotten any closer to you?

Maybe it’s because you’re ‘pushing’ your leads instead of ‘pulling’ them in. Being active on social media platforms only to directly advertise your product or service is one example. Guilty? Well you’re not alone. But it’s obviously not something to continue either.

B2B prospecting should be done in a deeper level than just assuming it’s all for sales. A rule of thumb says it is to provide solutions for customer’s problems. Here’s how:

Know your prospect’s pain points

If you are to provide solution to your customers, you’ve got to know what is it you’re trying to solve. There is no such thing as a failed solution. It merely tried to solve the wrong problem. Determining your prospect’s pain points enables you to offer a tempting solution that will result to an eventual sale.

Everybody wants an increase in sales, think that’s the problem? No. Try to evaluate the situation as to why sales aren’t moving upwards. Say a prospect’s marketing team aren’t getting qualified leads, instead only info of uninterested decision makers. Now that’s a pain point, hence providing a solution becomes an ease.

Share contents your customers enjoy

The worst thing you could do is to sell yourself directly to your prospects. This often times results to a potential customer run-away. Content marketing is becoming an essential mean for lead generation, and that’s only because your customers are in for contents that are interesting for them. Try to pull prospects towards you and be of use to them instead of showing the other way around.

B2B prospecting goes further than just the need of getting more leads. Rather than just thinking of tactics that sell, try coming up with ideas that help.

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