How Can Mobile Marketing Take Advantages in Massive Search Queries?  


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Time has already come that mobile searches has passed the undeniably stats of desktop searches according to Google. If your company is not using mobile marketing well, then you might suffer the consequences later. Read more

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6 Effective Moves in Writing Email Proposals in B2B Marketing  


Email proposals serves as the bold face of any B2B email marketing. It is the highlight that sheds light in connecting many business owners around the world. Writing an email proposals can be tricky but according to research from Michigan University done by Prof. Keplin, College of Business and Science, there is a little secret and definite moves in creating an email proposal to our clients. Read more

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Using Human Intuition in Data Driven B2B Marketing  


artificial intelligence in marketing

Human intuition and data does not needed to counter each other say’s columnist Joshua Reynolds as he explains why the most effective marketing analytics solutions make use of both mind and machine. This is also same with managed human marketing automation. While all the data is available to help us decide, it is very best to keep up not only with data information but with the use of our own decision. Read more

Improving Conversion Rate Tips Part 2

Making it sound easy does not mean it should. Making way to improve one’s conversion for your website is the other way to have ROI as much as possible.

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Key Tips for Effective Telemarketing

First and last impression lasts. Good or bad, it always is. For most inbound customer service across the globe, they always tell their sales advocates to make a lasting impression no matter what. This concept is highly needed, in this line of B2B marketing where we should feed of the interest of our clients and give them the best experience as possible.

Remember the time you called your wireless provider and they did not help you out. What kind of impression they did to make you feel that way? Was it good or bad?

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