Checklists of a Well-Performing Team and How to do it  

What makes a well-performing team ticks?

Should it be a mix of personalities? Should it be in their stats and awards? Does the team leader solely determine their success?

Well-Performing Team and How to do it

Countless research and opinions on what a great team consists and made of are done to see how a high performing team ticks because it is one of the most difficult things to do –you are forcing people to work together. But this is also one of the biggest factor in the success of an organization. A non-performing team can negatively impact an entire organization –monetary and their goals.

Let us visit some of these traits to see if your one of your B2B team got them.

Talent Magnet

Google hires people

Google hires people who has passion and ‘learning animal’ mindset.

Look for potential stars who want to be on the teams possessing high standards where they can demonstrate their skills and have real impact.

Healthy Heated Debates

Tupsware founder Ben Smith believes great team managers spend 90% listening and 10$ talking

Talk and listen in roughly equal measure, keep contributions short. Members should face one another, keep conversation and gesture energetic.


Apple has made diversity a priority by hiring

Apple has made diversity a priority by hiring 65% more women, 50% more Black and 66% more Hispanic employees.

As a leader, you should embrace diversity by putting teams together with different backgrounds, gender and strengths.

Mind Reading

Google relies on more recruits with emotional intelligence rather than the grades they receive in school.

Look for a suitable test or interview format to find people with higher emotional IQ. Ask your coworkers or friends to recommend people with higher emotional IQ.

Laser-Like Focus Goals

Google uses objectives and Key Results method to set and measure their goals throughout the company.

Establish an overall goal and make it visible for the whole team. Set key metrics to measure it.

Work-Life Balance

Standard Chartered

Mervyn Davies, former chairman of Standard Chartered, said he took as much pride in the amount of time he spent with family as he did in his banks extraordinary performance.

As hard as you work for the company, bring the same level of energy and intensity to your family and social life.

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