Gaming App: Another channel for marketing?

Ever played an online game before? Yep. The reason I’m asking you because you might come across one of those ads while playing online game app such Clash of Clan or Criminal Case. You may actually find it funny but those game app you’re playing is just one of the million among million being used and sold every day. You may actually notice it that most of the app developers are creating game with the same function goal and most of the time- graphics.

While this is not an issue in the web but some annoying ads are always (in most free games) embedded inside the game. Throughout the entire game play, how many times exactly you watch ads such video advertisement, click for free power ups and the like. Imagine the time you actually made an effort to attend the ads but not actually paying attention to it.

Well as you can see, digital campaign sees gaming app as an opportunity to increase the popularity of a certain product. They just can’t go with a linear ads and spending too much on something that is very traditional. Digital campaign increases the data traffic and on some areas became a way to generate possible lead. Digital marketers see this as another channel in generating database. But the question underlying so if this digital gaming campaign would be really be effective given that not all people playing games are interested.

But let us not be negative right here. The number of gaming app distributed across the globe, are significantly increasing along with the number of smartphone users. With this substantial number that continues to grow, digital marketers are proposing clients to invest something about profiling players in terms of marketing criteria. Doing this, lead generation database will have more room for another category. Thus, creating again a new channel for B2B and B2C marketing.

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