Get Rid of SEO Myths Once and For All

Business owners relies on the productivity of their assets. Websites popularity are in the hand of your SEO or search engine optimizers. To have someone manage over something we don’t understand and we are spending money on to something we ought to know, it just like we feel someone is trying to milk money out our business. Compiling the myths in SEO because business can never go wrong with this.


For online marketing strategy, SEOs will try to convince you that the online campaign is in the right track but you don’t have any proof out of it. The problem is that, SEO are often outdated in tactics and will try to move up the results without us knowing.

Here are SEO myths that you should not miss to hear;

  1. You can reach the Front page easily –nobody can reach the #1 spot on Google, Yahoo or Bing that easy. Trust me on this one. If your SEO is saying he can guarantee this, think twice because nobody can guarantee the spot on those search engine, even the Webmaster.
  2. All SEO are the same, UPGRADES are lies –not all SEO techniques are the same. Telling you to upgrade into something may not be the best option for SO. It is your SEO that will handle this. Upgrades are just add-ons to the true work of SEOs.
  3. Duplicate Content is Fine –having double content is a waste of time. Why spend time creating new content while you SEO can manage this…says a SEO. Quality content is the right thing and having new content means that extra job for SEOs
  4. The more Links, the better –it’s not true that having multiple links in your content can improve you stats.
  5. Techniques are complicated –it’s an excuse if they can’t explain their technique to you.
  6. Forget about Google Algorithm Updates –Google Updates are important, they are like waves for your to wait to surf on the web. Your SEO must know this stuff.

Be aware of these SEO myth because your investment of time and money is very important if you want your business to succeed in the long run.


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