How Can Mobile Marketing Take Advantages in Massive Search Queries?  


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Time has already come that mobile searches has passed the undeniably stats of desktop searches according to Google. If your company is not using mobile marketing well, then you might suffer the consequences later.

You’re B2B or B2C marketing efforts may not be able to catch up once the big data runs. Search queries means people and people means business thus it sure a nice way to view these as business partners. In a way, b2b marketers should hook themselves up with the upbeat tone of mobile optimization for their websites.

To take advantage of the popularity in mobile searches, your websites should be ready in all available touch points therein so to cover all possible place your prospects might be. There are 4 ways to sync in the pace of mobile searches, and here they are:

Your website should be responsive with mobile viewers. The design should not be sacrificed however it should not affect the loading time as well. Use single URL in all webpages so that Google spiders can able to crawl on your websites.

Set a mobile viewpoint to enhance web visibility by Google. Take it in the form of mobile application. Having this means you visitor will have user friendly interaction that can attracts more viewers.

Don’t block any crawling assets. In order you are found in any search of B2B searches. It’s important that Google spiders can crawl your web.

Make your text, image, design work for mobile. Start with enlarging your fonts so that your mobile visitors can learn more about your company. Approximately, 22 pixels for the headlines and 14 pixels for the body text.

Make you CTAs or Calls to action mobile friendly.  Some CTAs are intended for web and thus fails to be implemented and kind the annoying in mobile. So make sure you do this so to increase the chance for more sign ups.

Balance text and image. Keep your visitor engage with the content by not distracting too much attention on large text or oversized images. Like CTAs, this annoys more often if done incorrectly.

Will mobile marketing is on its stage to take over digital marketing? if so, you might have a second though in backing up your mobile marketing plans.

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