How Important Values in Strengthening B2B Sales in B2B Marketing  


We all know that winning the mind and hearts of customers and giving them a sense of oneself is the primary key in B2C marketing. This can be observed in most big companies like Apple or Nike. All the while, stat-driven process where the best value of proponent sells best in B2B marketing campaigns.

Bottom line is, the psychological way of understanding individual stakeholders is needed in purchasing organization. Consequently, the main idea of purchase is not centered on the company, but on its people.

importance of values

This becomes more important in an organization where group of people are involved in buying decisions. If a B2B seller does not know how to advocate the consensus between these individuals, the purchasing journey in B2B sales will not prevail.

A survey consisting 4000 individual participants from CEB found out three company values that affect the motivation involving B2B purchase. These are as follows:

  1. Company value –the offering is perceived by the customers win at a company level. Usually it takes to the scale of achieving operational goals and increase customer loyalty.
  2. Professional value –the offering takes in the form of improving individual’s job easier and increase the work flow productivity.
  3. Identity value –the offering highlights the impact of an individual perceive themselves,boosting their pride and winning their respect. This value talks more about “how the company does” and “what they do.”

The analyzation of these company values found out that offerings with company value don’t reliably affect stakeholders advocate on supplier’s behalf and it does make the consensus secure the purchase. Offerings that provide professional value either don’t have powerful effect in the sales journey. However, offerings with identity value positively had a powerful effect turning customers into mobilizers.

To sum up, the most effective way to advocate offering is to highlight the stakeholder’s value with their identity and at the same time- defining the sense of company value and professional value.  This way, the chances of promoting the B2B offer is much higher because it inspire not just the customer as well as it involves the sense of capability of each stakeholders.


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