How to Get More Sales Out of Your Sales Leads Database – It’s All About Prospecting

Do you have a sales leads database? If you do, then you may be wondering why you’re not rolling in sales yet, right? Well, one possible reason why you’re not seeing the sales figures you should be is because you lack powers in prospecting. And as you may already know, there are many ways in which you can do this, some of which are known as cold calling and email marketing. But why should you continue prospecting? Isn’t having a product and/or service enough to bring in customers? Well, no, it never is.

Sales Leads Database

Are you a pioneer in your field? Are you selling something you think will sell really well? If you are, then you’re still thinking in the wrong mindset if you believe that people will willingly come walking through your office doors saying “I want to buy what you have” or “I want to do business with your company”. No, what it really takes to make sales is prospects! Without prospects, you are not going to get anywhere close to that business deal you’re after. As such, it’s time to bust out that contact lists and start calling!

Why should I call, and for what reason?

You’re calling for yourself, that’s a fact. You’re calling because you want to make a sale. However, you aren’t going to get that sale if that’s what’s filling your head when you start talking to people on the phone. What should you be after when you pick up the phone and ring-up a contact? Appointments! You’re after appointments, not sales. Why? Because you’re still in the prospecting phase of your campaign. After all, appointments equal prospects, and prospects equal sales. That’s how it is.

Why call when I can send emails?

It really doesn’t matter whether you use the phone or electronic mail. What matters is that you get an appointment with your target people. It doesn’t matter just how amazing of a product or service you have, if you can’t get in the door then you aren’t going to get a sale. An appointment is what puts you in the hot seat, it’s what gets you the “audience” you need in order to showcase your products and services. So if you’re planning to use email as your prospecting tool, know this though: do not do email marketing like how you do cold calling.

Email Marketing is Not Cold Calling

As said in the previous points, you’re not going to be getting the sales you want to see if you don’t prospect. You need your “audience” and you need to get your point across to them when you do. If they’re interested, then you can put them through the sales cycle and hopefully get the end result you’ve been working hard for: a sale.

So do you want to see get more results out of your sales leads database? Well then, start prospecting! Use the phone, shoot your contacts and email, it really doesn’t matter as long as you can meet with your business contacts. Remember: appointments equal prospects, and prospects equal sales. So have you figured out the answer to seeing more sales? That’s right, it’s all about prospecting.

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