Improving Conversion Rate Tips Part 2

Making it sound easy does not mean it should. Making way to improve one’s conversion for your website is the other way to have ROI as much as possible.

Tip #3: Placing CTA above the fold

Visitors may come and go in your website. They may just skim their way through on the text above or below or page. Looking for some interesting facts or information, contextual reasoning and image location are the ones they are into. Placing the call to action above the fold will increase the chance of having a visitor contact them. Not only placing the CTA above but also anywhere on your page may come in handy.

Having a multiple call to action on your page is good as long as it does not defeat its purpose and action.

Tip #4: Make your Form briefly

Just like signing up with Facebook, many users are attracted to which they only fill out an easy and non hassle form in a website. Signing up along the conversion really takes the time of the user to fill out some information needed to start with but that does not mean we will take their time for granted. Start of by acquiring their email address and that’s it. Start with just simple information such email address but make sure follow up information are included upon signing up. Having a good email address is important especially when they are really interested about signing up in full.

Tips #5: Make CTA bigger

It may seem odd but having a bigger call to action form will slowly increase your conversion rate up to 10 percent according to a study.  This important fact will then help you redesign your cta form to follow up the thread of the study.

Tip #6: Add Testimonials

Imagine hearing someone and proving a product is worth the price can boost your motivation too. This is worth trying and looses nothing at all. Adding testimonials in your page will encourage visitors to try out filling up the form by providing their email address.

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