Improving Conversion Rate Tips Part 1

Is your ROI killing you? In the field where your conversion rate has been very low that is not something new. Improving the revenue takes a lot of efforts and actions. Even man-power in some cases may apply. So, in this situation where you find yourself trap between where to focus on, having CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization can actually lessen the burden of your ROI depletion.

There are actually a lot of industries and organizations that have been focusing on CRO. They even take the steps in CRO in further ladder, taking a lot of time and money to achieve such. But how can you actually afford one CRO if you have already the trouble on resolving your ROI? The simplest answer is that there are a lot of ways in empowering CRO for your website without spending too much money and time.

Here are some tips that we can give you to engage in your website for you to improve your conversion rate. One of which are listed below and follow up tips after each week in this blog in continuing reading this blog:

Tip #1: Using Potent Tools Available

Getting the most of your money is really satisfying. But investing a little on small things should be considered because at the end of the day, your money will be returned with right decision and actions. A tool which you can consider is the A/B testing software. This software can operate without having an IT to attend its action. It is fully automated and don’t need too much of human-interaction.

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage against each other to determine which one performs better. By creating an A and B version of your page you can validate new design changes, test hypothesis, and improve your website’s conversion rate.

Tip #2:  Non-stop A/B testing

After acquiring the software, it is time for you to know where to runs the split test to start with. Start with a test on a series of page and while you do this, test something in return.

Here are some important tests to begin with:

  • Headline text
  • Call to Action text
  • Placement of call to action
  • Number of fields in a form
  • Image size
  • Color scheme
  • Amount of Page content
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