Keeping Telemarketing on the right path

Heading towards the end of the tunnel may seem so far yet so close. Say it to your won but B2B marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Telemarketing these days gone from single tunnel to a whole lot different maze and not on that, it reconstructed new ideas to head the end of every maze you can enter into. Telemarketing and appointment setting can be toxic sometimes if you are not on the right path. And we are not talking about path, but more likely we have to deal with the right people to do the job. Choosing the right people and make them do it is the key to achieve the goal. Expect below the attribute you need to focus in choosing people to do the job.

Be energetic – Nobody wants to talk to a zombie on the phone. Be lively and energetic. Look for people that will spark the communication.

Listening skills – look for someone who can speak but more likely to listen. Listening is important because you are to get correct information in dealing with business partners especially speaking with B2B marketing clients.

Multi-tasking ability – type and listen and speak, all at the same time in doing so this type of job. Time is important with our business partners and we cannot afford to waste it.

Problem solving – this only applies to inbound customer associate, but that does not mean you can’t apply this on telemarketing. Sometimes your client will ask you how to deal with some particular problems and being professional means you can’t just leave them hanging.

Computer experience – computer literacy can be improved as time goes by. Simple troubleshooting when your computer freeze will help you at some point whenever your technical support is not around.

While all this is up to your HR dept, you can pinpoint some abilities from your team to make sure they have the right guidelines to be efficient in closing a deal.

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