Key Tips for Effective Telemarketing

First and last impression lasts. Good or bad, it always is. For most inbound customer service across the globe, they always tell their sales advocates to make a lasting impression no matter what. This concept is highly needed, in this line of B2B marketing where we should feed of the interest of our clients and give them the best experience as possible.

Remember the time you called your wireless provider and they did not help you out. What kind of impression they did to make you feel that way? Was it good or bad?



Telemarketer works on how to leave a lasting impression to their clients. From the moment someone would pick the phone and answer the person on the other line, it is expected for them to make their prospect to stay on the conversation.

Making a warm welcome is the first key. Having a good tone of voice and making it sound friendly and not so transactional is one way for them to build some rapport. Building a connection by asking “How are they doing” would make them feel that they are not in the hurry to get their approval or so what not. Remember that to win the interest is to persuade them slowly but surely. By doing so, telemarketers are providing a better way of doing our business to their clients.

Making and saying it simply. Simply to put the clients on a baby’s shoes where they are alien of what is the reason for the call. Telemarketers are trained to be as simple as possible. Please be reminded that not all of them are going to have all the time to understand as to what you are going to say.

Lastly is to make a lasting impression that the prospect will remember them well. Putting a smile on their face, in my opinion is another important key. By simply doing so, prospects would simply feel the easiness of doing business. For the telemarketer, it is a plus points to them.

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