Like St. Patrick’s Day, Good Prospecting Gets You Out of Obscurity

You might be wondering, “St. Patrick’s Day? Obscurity?”

That’s hard to imagine but you’d be surprised how this globally known Irish holiday is actually the fruit of a long marketing and awareness effort.

Sure much of it was with the goal of forging a sort of cultural identity but it’s not that different from the business goal of getting a company’s brand out of obscurity. A good B2B prospecting strategy will play a key to getting more and more people to recognize you as a recognizable face in the market.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of the misconception that obscurity isn’t something to worry about. The fact that the man on the street doesn’t know what your company does barely scratches the surface. The problem with this misconception is that it lulls you into a false sense of security that can have you undermining any effort to increase awareness. You still need plenty of the right people to know what your company is and what you’ve been known to provide.

Here’s how it happened in the journey of St. Patrick’s Day

  • Start local – St. Patrick’s Day, as a celebration, actually began among Irish-Americans who wished to stir a sense of pride in their identity. This in turn perpetuated as the population also grew more prominent. The same can be said as you work with each, individual prospect. Starting with the key decision maker, you need to have them really sold on your product and service. Let it spread to the rest of the organization.
  • Let people market you too – Give your prospects the capacity to share your products and services with colleagues, network connections, and even friends and family. Don’t be surprised at how this can still work even if you’re marketing a B2B product and service. Don’t just target the people who fit the buyer persona. Make the capacity to market for you also another persona you can constantly ask to refer you.
  • Focus on a cultural identity – And lastly, don’t underestimate the role of cultural quirks even in the context of big business. The people who go to you could all be part of a much larger subculture. Use your prospecting skills and resources to understand this culture so you’ll know how to strongly attach any and all association with it.

Holidays like St. Patrick’s are not the only ones that have risen out of obscurity and into mainstream celebration. Plenty of brands share the same story, both in consumer and big business markets. All it takes is dedicated, targeted prospecting and letting your influence spread from there.

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