Marketing App: Is it Safe for my Privacy?

Free service, free phone, free app are one of the greatest thing that can happen in our digital life. But having a free of anything can sometimes lead us to throwing away our privacy. With millions of free apps available for ios and android, people can just tap easily these give away software not knowing that they too are tapping away your privacy for the advertisers and marketers.


But how? How do they get their way into your phone? How you are not supposed to know about this? What is our guide into finding a safe app? Can someone file a case for this? Questions which about how people should react about knowing the marketing technique of these apps. Let me explain each of them.

How do they do this tapping away your privacy? Simple, by agreeing to the accept button you as well agree that they can access several and most of the time all utilities in your phone such location, contacts, email and etc. So you are actually giving all about your personal data to them. Isn’t that easy?

How do they get to our phone? Remember on Google Play or Apple Store? There are bunch of free apps that is available for you and you actually installed it right away before reading anything about the terms and conditions about the app. So you actually gave your consent that easy.

How are you not aware of this? Do you even have the time to review a contract from your phone company? Especially At&t marketing about their unlimited data which costs too much. Most user don’t have time to review marketing conditions as such so marketer can get their way to you in all sort of way.

Guide to find a safe app? I don’t think there’s any because it would probably stop you for downloading app ever again. Free apps are good but you must be aware of the conditions of which it can deal with your personal data. So it’s your choice, choose or not to choose at all or if you can create your own app is a way too.

Technology and marketing are combined for each industry to grow mutually. Each feeding from the information about the consumer and make it to their own benefits.

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