Optimizing Content Visibility in SEO

Optimize is the word where everyone sought to know that it only involves geniuses like SEO consultants with their cubicle in the corner of an office. Everyone expects they hold the liability for the optimization of a website in which it has been the mindset of most of us. That it true yet it is far from better. Everyone should be held accountable in optimizing the visibility of the content, it is not just the work of the SEO. Every B2B marketing should know this.


In B2B marketing of which multi channels are involved, organic search using your own data makes it wise to distribute your content creation strategically across different market. In using this data, one should answer them specifically:

  1. Understand the Audience needed information
  2. Know your competitors
  3. Create a content that can be easily understand

First question is understanding the information needed by the audience. In B2B marketing, audience of which B2B marketers in demand guide into multi-media marketing is undying. The tips and advices being shared across platforms. From this point of view, what content do you think your audience need so much? Is it only for writing? How about make a video content or webinars? That would do. You see, before you do something make it sure that someone out there is going to need those material you will be making.

Second question answers after you know what to make, it just simple. Knowing your competitors and what how to keep up with them. Or sometimes, if you can’t beat them, join them by putting your own links into their website or putting their links into yours. Think how they use their content and how you can make yours. Make sure that everyone could participate into this.

Lastly is how to make your content understandable easily. This is the trickiest part of content making. How are you be able to put the right words so to gain your popularity is search engines for your market? Considerably, how would you make up something from to bottom appears consistently upon it searching on the web. Again, this isn’t just a work of a single person.

To build organic search, everyone should participate in making popularity of your website. From ads to widgets and all. It is not just the work of one man but rather all of the marketing team as a whole.


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