Quantity vs. Quality in Lead Generation

Producing new leads, leads which have not found you yet and prepare them for sales is not an easy job. Even people who do this are not even rewarded properly but that’s just one side of the trick business. The best lead generation team keeps the sales team fed and focused on closing deals, fills its pipeline and create a steady revenue stream. The member of a lead generation team develops a unique skills and can learn how to carefully track leads before submitting only the best to the sales. Quantity VS Quality in Lead Generation

Looking at it will hit two stones. It’s actually two job at once. Submit lots of lead to sales. Submit quality leads to sales. This is where the tough job get rocky and tricky.

The goal of lead generation is to produce new leads, and rewarding the prospector in doing that is a must. But it doesn’t work only with number of lead. Moreover, a prospector who is not focused on the final process which is sales may bring a great number of poor quality leads.

At the end of the day, this will waste the sales executive’s time, forcing the company to pay for something that isn’t receiving revenue and drag down the sales process.

How should company motivate prospectors to do the two job at once?

Company must maintain a good relationship with their prospectors and while doing that, they must not see them as robotic individuals who just type in message and done. Often, they are treated as bottom feeders in a typical marketing ecosystem. While they’re the feeders, the big fish are the sales who catch even the bigger fish. So what is left then with the bottom feeder? Scrap and leftovers from big fishes. Sad but that fact is what’s happening in most cases of marketing and lead generation companies.



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