SEO: Boosting Content Popularity

Ever wonder big website gain their popularity? Here’s a tip. They use what is called SEO or search engine optimization. Well, everybody knows that I presume. If one would ask how to be good in delivering content relevancy, another one will raise a question on how to be on top of search results in Google or Bing. Here are some advises we can offer.   


Be unique in your title and meta description of every page, esp. the first paragraph. The page title is like the face of your SEO and this can be a great factor as well. It difficult to promote high rank in just using 2-3 words on your title. So choose the right word that will best describe your content and your website. Having a unique name mean you don’t have any competitors in the search engines. The meta description will support this, but not concretely help you win the rank. It will just appear as a relevant keywords listing so to encourage user in visiting your site.

Make something for users. Google, Yahoo and other search engine uses bots to crawl the web but these bots don’t do anything much other than increasing a site’s popularity. They don’t actually make comment or buy something online. Human users make the real work, so make something that will make a human interested on it. You need to choose the right keywords for this but don’t make it obvious like “Spiderman caught up in his web.”

Make an unequaled content. This is very significant for everyone, but it will challenge those who are in the online retailers. Write down your own product description using keyword research and target actual words searchers. Make a product that will not compete in your way. Additionally, content is great way to get inbound links.

Use your keywords that will represent your website. Create a link that will anchor to your website so that users will eventually stumble upon your site may accidentally or not. Links are very useful , use this in other forums and make it simple as well like and that’s it.

Your website is your portal towards your prospects online. So see to it that this is manage very well.

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