Social Marketers be ready for new trend in Facebook

Social media marketing is just one of the channel used in B2B marketing. One that is actually effective in finding positive leads along the lead generation process. Using social marketing is the trendy and using Facebook, the largest social media site in the planet, is trendier. Just recently this month, Facebook just announced of adding a new feature that will expressed empathy in user’s posts but will not necessarily give a negative impact in the user’s end.


Here we go again and reacting as to what possibility this would bring the B2B marketing industry? How do these additional emotion will actually help us in building relationship with our client or prospects? How should we facilitate the data cause by these new emotions and apply it in the lead generation process? Experts in our department will try to predict the outcomes that may be used in this new trend in social media marketing.

One way or another, the new feature will drag down the image of a particular brand. Whether we like it or not, either way it’s not going to be analogous from the LIKE button. Sometime it will be another way of people to abuse a certain organization or company of their bad experience. It will just take a few individual and the whole mass will follow the carrot till the end of the trend.

On the contrary, it can be used as well in measuring how people think of the company and how they company will improve their image in behalf of their networks. Through this, data analysts will have a broader understanding of how people behave in the social media community.

Lastly, there is a least possible way of company being treated unlikely in the social media. Big company will have no treat against this. Sure, it will or may create a negative image to the people but it can also build a stronger relationship such as ‘how can we improve our service’ CTA technique. Something like that. So in short, social media marketer should be able to adapt their tactics with this upcoming big wave.

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