Switching Content Marketing to Data Journalism

Many of online marketers have been used to content marketing wherein it creates popularity and network of their company. It has been a common notion that content should probably be more entertaining and a little bit less than scientific.

Well, everybody gets tired of reading long text and scrolling down the screen just to get the gist of the topic. In addition, reading analytical data just in numbers are too often screech our eyes out of numerical symbols. So, what does people nowadays? They want shortcut, a shortcut to everything. One way to entertain, visualize and inform mathematically is through data journalism via info-graphics.


Sounds easy as it may seems. We just have to summarize all important data in just one picture. No, it is more than just putting all together and sow them up. The use creative design and being meticulous about what is be filled out in the frame is the key. Knowing what is important to be shared in your info-graphics to market your service is also considered.

For example, if your service is in line with health service, you can use surveys showing scenarios that depicts bad thing will happen if someone is rarely in doing exercise. You can use the data showing the different number of sleep from different workers around the world and insert your product, if your product sells sleeping mattress.

The data in your info-graphics should consists about 40%, graphics 30% and relevancy 30%. Using this, you can avoid your audience from exhausting too much effort in reading and thinking. It will also let them get the interest to know more about your topic or your service.

To see data journalism loved by so many readers show that people needlessly wanted to be informed. This can work out with B2B marketing,

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