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10 Signs Your CEO Has an Obsolete Perception for Marketing  


In introducing new tactics in sales and marketing, we all have experience to be denied from our CEO. This is where complication happens when our CEO won’t like to recognize new ways in marketing. After all, most CEOs don’t have that marketing background and if they do, they are likely to be stuck in their own knowledge about marketing. Read more

Can Appointment Setting Fix Your Content Problem?

Appointment setting strategies are often favored by businesses that don’t well in making strong first impressions. Or at least, the nature of their products, services, or industry makes it hard for them to attract prospects without putting extra leg work in guiding them to a buying decision.

It might lead you to believe that this sort of process could be the perfect solution to problems with marketing content. After all, your marketing content is really just there to attract calls, inquiries, contact forms, or other meager expressions of prospect interest. Conversion is where it’s at right?

Not exactly.

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