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10 Signs Your CEO Has an Obsolete Perception for Marketing  


In introducing new tactics in sales and marketing, we all have experience to be denied from our CEO. This is where complication happens when our CEO won’t like to recognize new ways in marketing. After all, most CEOs don’t have that marketing background and if they do, they are likely to be stuck in their own knowledge about marketing. Read more

lead nurturing planning

If You Don’t These Lean Nurturing Essentials Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

It normally takes a minimum of 25 business days to convert a business lead to sales in B2B marketing. This method of conversion may sound tedious and time consuming according to many marketing enthusiast. The effort and the return of investment is also an issue here because not all marketing budget allocates promptly in time-bounded sales. So it would raise a question on how this method can be expedited but not sacrificing too much of the effort in the process. Read more

Gaming App: Another channel for marketing?

Ever played an online game before? Yep. The reason I’m asking you because you might come across one of those ads while playing online game app such Clash of Clan or Criminal Case. You may actually find it funny but those game app you’re playing is just one of the million among million being used and sold every day. You may actually notice it that most of the app developers are creating game with the same function goal and most of the time- graphics.

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Is B2B Prospecting Still Complicated?

What do you normally think when you hear the words ‘B2B prospecting.’ Even among those familiar with them, their meanings can vary. Why? Is it because the process is so complicated? Or maybe, could it be because the process has so many different incarnations that range from simple to complex?

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