Email Marketing: Sending Abandonment Messages

Online shopping carts are abandoned for a number of reasons. Maybe a customer has second thoughts, maybe a website times out, or—and let’s be real here—maybe the customer just got distracted by a cute animal video. Whatever the case might be, once you’ve connected your email marketing strategies to our CRM, there are plenty of integrations that make it easy to follow up and encourage your customers (If you have a list) to complete their purchase.

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direct mail

Why Direct Mail Is Still Important in B2B Marketing Tactic

Another study produced by Canada Post investigated how standard mail components into the lives of today’s buyers and its impact on the buy venture. Their discoveries were outlined in a whitepaper titled “Getting through the Noise,” accessible on the Canada Post site. In a world overflowed with stimuli competing for the normal customer’s 8-second capacity to focus, they found that: Read more

How Android 6 “Marshmallow” works with SEO marketing

Recently released android version 6.0 named “Marshmallow” and its new features help SEO building in making way to improve keyword organic search by Google. Now, keyword searching has never been so integrated according to Google. This leverage the use of SEO marketers in improving service in content provision and development. Read more

Mobile Marketing meets FCC’s new Internet Order

The increase of data activities on smartphones in US dramatically  increased from 2010 to 2014 according to comScore report. About 394% increased usage on smartphones and 1721% on tablets. This implies that data link and traffic within mobile has been extremely active than its used to be.  And what about this, B2B marketing and advertising has been contemplated on these particular environment. Marketing source expanded through the use of digital development and found a lot of opportunity in gathering data from customers and prospects.

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Key Tips for Effective Telemarketing

First and last impression lasts. Good or bad, it always is. For most inbound customer service across the globe, they always tell their sales advocates to make a lasting impression no matter what. This concept is highly needed, in this line of B2B marketing where we should feed of the interest of our clients and give them the best experience as possible.

Remember the time you called your wireless provider and they did not help you out. What kind of impression they did to make you feel that way? Was it good or bad?

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Make Diversity Work for Your B2B Marketing

Doesn’t the word diversity seems scary? For B2B marketing, it doesn’t only inflict differences among your workforce, but also among your target B2B leads. Differences often lead to a gap between the two involved thus it’s something that you might be wary of.

Diversity however, brings more benefits than what you have probably expected. And if you want that B2B marketing campaign to turn into a pot of qualified B2B sales, then better look at diversity in a new angle.

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