Equipping Social posts in Social Media Marketing

Equipping Social posts in Social Media Marketing

Once you integrated your website with your social profiles, it’s the perfect time to execute the next step: look at your social posts, and make sure they’re primed to gather your prospects to your site. Read more

Choosing Easier in Marketing

The Psychology of Choosing Easier in Marketing  


Making choice in this age has never been that difficult. For some people, making choice is way more difficult in a daily basis. Imagine you have to choose from twenty variety of burgers at Wendy’s and sixteen variety of coffee at Starbucks. What choices do you have when you’re all out of options? Read more

Why Lead Scoring should be considered as Nuisance in B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing and B2C marketing works in marketing industry and both field collaborates the marketing set up of many business in the global community. It may seem that these two giants work differently for their set up but there is a slight yet big difference when it comes to sales leads in these two marketing golems. Read more

Get Rid of SEO Myths Once and For All

Business owners relies on the productivity of their assets. Websites popularity are in the hand of your SEO or search engine optimizers. To have someone manage over something we don’t understand and we are spending money on to something we ought to know, it just like we feel someone is trying to milk money out our business. Compiling the myths in SEO because business can never go wrong with this. Read more

Professional Prospecting VS Crazy Prospect Behavior

Maybe you’ve seen it in a few movies. Camera’s on some slick salesman heading to a penthouse building to meet the client that could change his career. The next thing you know, said client turns out to be one of those eccentric billionaires who lived in a regular apartment across the street and Mr. Slick got the address wrong.

Twists like that are far closer to reality than some think. Look at Warren Buffett preference for Coke and Dairy Queen or Pope Francis riding a bus instead of the papal limousine.

For those in the middle of prospecting for business, you need to be prepared for when a prospect behaves in ways you might find ‘crazy.’ (And maybe in the end, you might learn they’re not so crazy after all.)

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