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Mobile App Planning in B2B Marketing


app development

One of the channel in multi-channel marketing is the development of mobile app. It may be in the use of CRM for clients or content mobile viewers. Nobody can beat the raging increase number of smartphone users and mobile app is one of the most downloaded platform when it comes to online application. So, marketing strategy should chase this trend. Many marketers tend to create their app according to their own reference. Read more

Optimizing Content Visibility in SEO

Optimize is the word where everyone sought to know that it only involves geniuses like SEO consultants with their cubicle in the corner of an office. Everyone expects they hold the liability for the optimization of a website in which it has been the mindset of most of us. That it true yet it is far from better. Everyone should be held accountable in optimizing the visibility of the content, it is not just the work of the SEO. Every B2B marketing should know this. Read more

Nurturing Sales Leads (and A Sense of Humor)

Did you hear? There’s a new Vince Vaughn comedy and apparently it’s all about business. It doesn’t just stop there though. Look at the promotional material.

Much like stock photos, there’s something rather plain and mundane about the lead nurturing process. It’s not just devoid of life but also devoid of reality! The whole thing shouldn’t just be some static process that’s as unreal as that of stock photography!

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