Targeting precise media to avoid promotional mishaps

In multi-channel marketing, promotional ads are always present. Whether in phone, web or even in your email, you can’t really scratch them off. You often think than marketers are being too rough on their edges. These promotional ads are quite effective but only if they are being used properly. Truthfully saying that almost marketing firms are going crazy in using this pop-up advertisement and extension enabled ads.

Most of them don’t consider the fact that they may actually giving reason to hate their company name or product. Doing so will only lead to downfall of results and bad branding of the company. In case where Google determined that 70% of mobile user hates promotional app. So we have prepared some tips for you to avoid rolling the mop in the wrong floor.

Avoid pop-up ads

Well according to the recent study, pop-up ads in smart phones are being hated by most of the users. Instead of pop-up ad, why not try column ad where it is place right below, side or bottom of the app. This way, users can’t be distracted.

No to fixed email ad

Don’t send random advertising ad because it will create a bad name of your brand, or the worse, it will be tag as spam. Try sending ads email to people who are related of your product. Relevance is a must right?

Download links

Yes. Connect with some non-profit organization and make way of your ads there so that people will notice it. People will always try to search for downloadable content so make your way there.

Overuse of web extensions

Occasionally add web extension for desktop users but not all the time. System will sometimes label web extension as malware or so what not.

Remembering what is mentioned about will improve the number of your visitors. Well, it really depends on how you manage your advertisement whether online or not. Secure some accommodation of third-party because they are of great help.

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