Using Human Intuition in Data Driven B2B Marketing  


artificial intelligence in marketing

Human intuition and data does not needed to counter each other say’s columnist Joshua Reynolds as he explains why the most effective marketing analytics solutions make use of both mind and machine. This is also same with managed human marketing automation. While all the data is available to help us decide, it is very best to keep up not only with data information but with the use of our own decision.

The propagation of marketing analytics is an interesting topic in marketing and it raise the question between who will be better: human intuition or data driven intelligence.

But in many ways the conflict between the two will be always a false one. Regardless who is superior relies on how it change human thinking by interacting with machine and giving a birth of the new alliance that will help future marketers.

In any way, human intuition is also a data. But it is kind a raw. It comes from human curiosity that means it is a form of data that is unquantifiable. This curiosity find meaning in shapes and visual patterns thus creating visualization. This type of data is organic but going deeper will create a sense of instinct that will expose new possibilities.

In short, marketers should be looking for solutions that let them tap into their curiosity and instincts.

It must look into the features that will help them explore and understand their data better. Both mind and machine should solve the correlations the matters on how to do marketing better, how their customers are saying and how their business in performing.

To sum up, both should redesign the union between human intuitions and data-driven results. And to do this will require us to think about something a data alone cannot.

Ever since the computer was invented, machine became the notion of artificial intelligence in which it took us to the conclusion we were controlled by machines. The truth is that, all along we invented machine to help us. It is always up to us how to apply those results given by our machine. Marketing is its pace of realizing this technology, and how to use it is up to our hands.

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