Using Testimonials in Building Credibility

One way to measure a company is on how people look at their services. As a matter of fact, the opinion of the people mostly matters the most when it comes to protecting the credibility of your company. This is true in B2B marketing wherein multiple clients are subscribing their services. If the image of that B2B marketer crumbles apart, their clients may likely to withdraw their subscription or worse, sue the marketer for breaching the terms and agreement. So to further prevent this, marketers use an effective way to social proof your website.


There are three ways according to columnist Daniel Faggella in dealing with credibility of one’s company.

  1. Social Proofing –new people will not immediately trust your site. You can go ahead and use labels of big and well-established company like Sony, Google, Amazon and Apple. This way, you can illuminate how this big company sees your business as trust worthy. You are creating an illusion you are partners with these company.
  2. Rapport with Testimonials in order for you to generate buyer-qualified leads from your site, you’ll need to show them that other clients who’ve trusted you with real money have been happy with their results, Faggella said. Your previous buyer will enhance the name of your company and will show interested buyer, how it works.
  3. Ignoring the Buyer’s journey­­- Let’s face it. Not everyone is interested in buying immediately. You have to slip your way to get their contact by offering free tutorial, demo books, video and others that will interest them. Patching the click to contact with download free tutorial will make use of this.

The key to lead generation is not always hitting and marking the right people. However, it must also be dynamic on how you can attract them. This way, you are not just promoting but by building the credibility, you can simply say that they can trust you. Whether you like it or not, they are the key in building this hierarchy of connections. Go ahead, and make your lead generation tactics be simple.

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