When B2B Marketing Calls for Originality

If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect 2, sequel of the talked-about  a capella themed movie, you would probably noticed Beca’s conflict with herself that while she’s incredible at doing mash-ups of other people’s music, she may not have any original thing up on her sleeve.

This problem is fairly familiar even in business world. While your business may have been in constant boom as you mix and match different laid out B2B marketing strategies, you’ll eventually going to face the growing demand of millennials to show something different.

Mix and matching is an effective tactic, even Beca is said to be ‘aca-awesome’ in doing so. Let’s say you have these multiple B2B marketing campaigns that are a mix of digital and traditional marketing, and that brought you quite a number of leads to nurture and become qualified enough to be a customer.

However, in contrast to the movie where Hollywood fears originality, millennials embrace the idea of showing all new approaches or even just the notion of thinking outside the box. You can’t feign ignorance to such challenges, instead have these thoughts to ponder:

  • You don’t have to do it alone – Don’t try and be the hero by doing everything on your own. Look at the Barden Bellas, they are able to pull off such performances as a team, which will not be any different for you given that you have your team to brainstorm with. Surely there’s that one person that could guarantee you a B2B marketing spin-off.
  • It doesn’t have to be all original – Who launches a product or service that is all original anyway? Even the largest companies can be found guilty of copying from another. Don’t fret over doing something ‘out of this world’, trust that it may even be the cause of another failed campaign. Your capability of offering something unique as you go along with your B2B marketing mash-ups only proves the sustainability of your business.
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