When B2B Prospecting, These 3 Questions Can Dig Up A Customer’s Needs

In any business, you’ll always find this maxim: a customer is always right.

This may not be entirely true but it speaks of something bigger. Your customers are the ones who buy the products and services in your given market. They’re the ones putting money circulation in exchange for fulfilling their own needs. Hence, your entire business naturally depends on how well you address those needs. Few things allow you to understand those needs the way B2B prospecting does.

However good your product or service is, the simple truth is that nobody’s going to buy it when there’s no desire for it. So really, it’s vital that you clearly understand what it is your customers really want. This knowledge lies at the center of every successful business, whether it sells directly to individuals or other businesses.

You can start by keeping certain things in mind about your customers. It might take a while to put your knowledge into practice but these three questions

  • What’s your unique sales proposition? – You’ve heard of USP right? One way to look at it knowing what your customers see in you that your competitors don’t have. This may not always be the same thing throughout the history of your organization so it’s important to pay attention. What do they ask from you more often than they do other businesses?
  • How much do you really know about customers? – Don’t stick to what you already know about your customers or your target market. Always be ready to dig deeper (whether it’s getting more insider info on a particular decision maker or just asking for their number of employees). For all you know, a simple conversation could be all you need to understand whatever business plans they may have and how you could play a role.
  • Are you competing with an alternative? – However small, there’s always a chance that your customer will want to buy an alternative to your product. On the bright side, you can use a similar situation with a prospect who feels the same way with their own provider. What differences can you highlight that will push them further into your favor?

Prospects and customers aren’t always right but they always start in a place closer to the truth when it comes to their needs. Carefully probe for those needs and the value proposition of your own business.

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