You might want to check this 3 things in your B2B Sales and Marketing Email

Sales and Marketing Email will never be that difficult after reading this.

A gullible B2B prospects, for all goal and intuition, is truly an engaged B2B prospect — and that is exactly what B2B people want. After all, engaged B2B prospects are more likely to read your sales and marketing message, which makes them more likely to reach a call-to-action.

Are you ready to edit your copy like a pro? Here’s what you gonna do…

Sales and Marketing Email

Change the sentences to active voice.

Nothing kills writing quite like the overuse of the passive voice. A simple way to combat this? Change sentences to active ones.

Active voice means that the subject of each sentence is doing the action rather than receiving it. The latter would be passive voice. For example:

  • Active: Usain Bolt broke the world record.
  • Passive: The world record was broken by Usain Bolt.

Imagine how much stronger and confident an active voice is? Its counterpart is alternatively weak and deflated. Passive voice is just, well … meh. It can make you sound like you’re playing a round of Clue.

To passive-proof your text, start searching in doing a CTRL-F for the word “by.” That’ll instantly highlight sentences in which the subject may be receiving the action rather than doing it.

Make everything as a second person point-of view

A second person is the most engaging narrative mode because it’s the most personal. Pronouns such as “you,” “your,” and “yours” will help the B2B prospects view themselves as your copy and, consequently, in the story your business product or service is trying to tell.

Improved writing speaks to B2B prospects on an intimate stage. It resonates with them, which is incredibly very difficult thing to do. But writing in the second person makes it a lot easier.

Minimize the Adverbs in Half

Even better, quarter it in size. In his memoir, On Writing, Stephen King quoted, “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” Why so? Because adverbs are very, very good at weakening your writing. See the difference?

If you want your sales and marketing email message to grab people by the collar, replace that mediocre adverb-verb combo with a single punchy, potent verb. For example, instead of writing “she’s very mad” you could write “she’s irate.” Or instead of saying “adverbs are very, very good at weakening your writing” you can compose “adverbs sabotage compelling sentences.”

Change your call-to-action to a call-to-value.

Before you send your sales and marketing email, you should check twice your call-to-action (you know, the essential end-piece that tells your B2B prospects where to go next). Ensure that it’s clear and concise, bold and visible, urgent and convincing. More importantly, make sure it communicates benefits (i.e., the value that awaits those who do what you’re asking).

For instance, if you’re a travel agent, don’t let your copy read “Call now for a free quote” or something equally typical and uninspiring. Instead, drive them to take action with a sneak peek: “Call now and let the anticipation begin” or “Click Now and Travel tomorrow.”

Let your B2B prospects see themselves in the action and they’ll be more likely to take it.

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