Your Privacy has Never Been Safe in Social Media  


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In any social media platform, our privacy always must come in priority. No matter what details therein, our information once we signed up and agreed to the terms and conditions, the platform will eventually use and sell those information from third party.

Many users of social media nowadays take it lightly when it comes to processing their personal data in the internet. Little do they know, upon putting their real address on the internet that many among many marketers are willingly to buy those information that will put a great impact in forming a sales strategy in their customer?

These info-snatchers are not quite a thief but they found a way to elicit crucial details from your social media account. Take a grip and we’ll tell you hints that make these info-snatchers easy to see.

Profile Matchers

Anyone who notice in your newsfeed (for Facebook users) like site that match someone you know that is ‘interested’ or allegedly ‘close’ to you. Like they are can somehow spot who among your friends are more likely to be close to you.

This is a scam that will make you agree in their terms in sharing your personal info so that you can use their application. Seriously? Many of Facebook users are into this, sharing someone like this is special to you. This makes us stupid because no one can ever say that person is really special to me.

Guess the Meaning of your Name

Or more likely, give us your name and we will give you some random facts about your name. Many of this site bait people from agreeing to give their address.

And what is surprising is that many of my friends are hooked up in sharing what is the meaning of their birthday or name. Really? Do anyone cares about what is the meaning of your name. I could agree with a random fact on a particular day linked to some historical facts, but with these? Nope. I say no.

Guess who’s Celebrity Match your Face

This is really intriguing because, many of the try outs I made with my face account end up with the same celebrity and that is Brad Pit. Oh I can see, how. They are a just fishing your info again. The funny thing is that it was all the site over one another.

We know that social media marketers can be a bit wary of their existence, but to be secure, we should be pry about our actions using our social media account. We should be careful in sharing and agreeing to some terms and application we may involve in. Just a reminder though.

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